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2017-2018 Wilshire E.S. School Information and Forms

imageThe York Region District School Board has now released its Guide to the School Year 2017-2018. This detailed guide provides important information about the York Region District School Board and its schools. It includes information about who to contact if you have a question or concern, and covers a range of information such as busing, homework and parental engagement, items dealing with health and safety, as well as many board policies and procedures.

During the first week of school, a Wilshire School StartUp Package 2017-2018 Final is distributed to all parents and guardians.  Within the package is important information about the school year as well as various forms that are to be read, signed and returned to the school.  Among the forms to be signed and returned are the:

Other optional forms within package include the School Council Nomination Form, Volunteers in Our School Form and the Faith Requests for Curriculum Accommodations Form.

Additionally, if your child has an anaphylactic condition please complete the Anaphylactic Reactions Protocol.  Finally, if your child has any other medical condition please complete the Emergency Health Care Plan .  Please note, these forms must be completed annually for children with an anaphylactic and/or medical conditions.  We thank our community for their help with gathering this important information.