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Gratitude Month at Wilshire

Did you know that this month at Wilshire we have been learning about the concept of Gratitude? Gratitude is important for children as it can decrease stress and feelings of unhappiness.  It also helps children develop empathy for others and a feeling of belonging.  We started the month of November with our Buddy Class assembly that featured some videos and discussion around the topic of Gratitude.  We created an “Attitude of Gratitude” wall where all students were invited to add examples of things they are grateful for (see photos below).  Daily announcements include suggestions of how to focus on gratitude. In some classes, students are encouraged to write about things they are grateful for in their journals.

At home, you can help by modeling your own gratitude for people or things that make your life better.  You can also ask your children to talk about things they are grateful for at the end of each day.  Just thinking about, talking about or writing about things we are grateful for can help increase our feelings of happiness!