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School Crossing Guard


Please note that there is currently no School Crossing Guard servicing the crosswalk at Beverley Glen in front of the school.  The City of Vaughan is trying to find a new crossing guard to fill this position but they are having difficulty filling all of the vacancies they currently have in the city.

Below is a little information about the program:

  • The City services 114 crosswalk locations which require Crossing Guards.
  • As you can imagine, the safety of children is paramount, and the community is urgently feeling the impact of the vacancies noted.
  • The program runs from September to June each year.  Guards are required to work a 2 or 3 shifts per day (lunch hour coverage may be required at limited locations).
  • Guards are paid for a minimum of 3 hours per day. The rate is $14.00 per hour.
  • We pay for all PA Days and offer some enjoyable incentives at our annual workshop training
  • Shifts are generally 40 mins to one hour (1) each.
  • Those travelling farther than 5 km receive a flat rate of $6.00 per day for travel.
  • Full training on proper procedure and health and safety matters, as well as proper attire and equipment are provided for all Crossing Guards.
  • Anyone wishing to apply should be able to speak some English, have sound judgment in dealing with traffic and be in general good health, as standing and walking for a longer period of time is a major requirement of the position.
  • For anyone wishing to inquire about employment, please contact Brenda Bisceglia at 905-832-8577 Ext. 6144.

In the meantime, please encourage your children who walk to school to use caution when crossing the street, cross only at a crosswalk, and make sure that cars have stopped before crossing.2019 CrossingGuardCard-7x52019 CrossingGuardCard-7x52