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Black History Month Quiz 2021

Hi everyone!

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our Black History Month Quiz, 2021 edition (#BHMQuiz2021 for the social media people)!  Just like last year, the quiz will focus on the contributions of black Canadians to Canada’s history and culture, and the competition will be fierce.

Here’s how it will work:​

1)  Each day, beginning Tuesday February 2nd, a new clue will be posted on our library website.  Will send the link as soon as the first clue goes live.

2)  Once you access the quiz, you will be prompted to create a copy of an answer sheet.  You will return to this same answer sheet each day to record your answers and you will submit ONE answer sheet at the end of the month with all of your answers.

3)  Kids can play in class teams, as individuals, or with their families.  Your choice.  

4)  There is also an opportunity for staff, kids, and families to submit a clue that will be added to our quiz.  If you’d like to do that now, fill out this form

Please let me know if you have any questions!  We look forward to a month of meaningful learning!

Ms. Byrne